The cold & wet season – how to stay fit?

The rainy season has started. In Cape Town, we are blessed with blue skies and warm summers. The winters however are long and dreadfully rainy months with little light and temperatures just below comfortable. For me that is at least. Cycling in the dark rainy mornings before works is not an option, if you want to stick to the (rather pathetic, I admit) rule of no cycling on wet roads.
So what does one do? I have a feeling my bike might only see me during weekends for the next fee months, if they happen to be sunny.
I know a triathlete whose winter training consists of a 5km run to his gym, a spinning session followed by a long swim and a run back home. Unfortunately I don’t like swimming and am not a runner, so I drove to gym for a spinning class (do you actually wear your cycling gear at gym?) today. It doesn’t beat fresh air and wind in your hair, but compared to my indoor trainer in my garage, squashed between the wheelie bin and my washing machine, it was a decent option and I didn’t have to stare at my workbench, which does get sort of boring.
I decided to stay cycling fit this winter, even if I don’t touch my bicycle much – and might even give running a try for some variety. How do you stay in shape during your winter?

Winter training?

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