The largest recreational bike ride in the world


Vätternrundan 2011

Vätternrundan, 300 km long, is the largest recreational bicycle ride in the world.

The 300 km course follows the shoreline of the beautiful Lake Vättern in Sweden and early starters can see the sun set and rise over the lake during the ride. Taking place every summer in mid June, it is open to everyone from 18 and up. This is a unique possibility to experience cycling on a grand scale. The main event is accompanied by the shorter alternatives; Tjejvättern (100 km, women only) and Halvvättern (150 km).

Vätternrundan starts and finishes in Motala, Sweden, which swells to three times its size during the cycling events. The cyclists, their friends and relatives and the thousands of bicycles create a festival atmosphere, making the bike ride that extra special. Many cyclists return year after year to be a part of this large and welcoming cycling community.

The course appeals to all sorts of bicycle enthusiasts and the level of service along the course is very high. Word of this well-organised event has spread far beyond the borders of Sweden. Last year 38 different nations were represented.

Because Vätternrundan is a recreational ride, no winners are listed. Instead cyclists wear a timing chip that registers their individual times. These times can be seen under Results. Everyone can check what time they started, when they passed the check points and what time they arrived at the finish in Motala.

Punctureking will take part in the ride this year – we’ll post pictures and reviews from mid June!

vattern map


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