Puncture King was a name given to me while riding a 7 day epic adventure in the wilderness of Northern Namibia. Yes. I had lots of punctures, flats, blow outs, deflations … This was years ago and 3 months after I bought my first Moutain Bike ever, a Felt Q520 hard tail. Since then a lot has changed, the Q520 was replaced by a Felt Nine Elite Carbon 29er and then by a Scott Spark Elite 29 full suspension, the bike I currently ride and have no intention to change that. I also bought my first road bike a while ago, a 2012 Merida Racelite 903, a low budget entry level aluminum bike.

While cycling is a passion many people write about, I felt that there aren’t many blogs for us – the riders who just finish a race. The riders who juggle family, kids, jobs, house and garden, long hours in the office and their passion for the sports on two wheels. The riders who’ll never have enough time to finish in the first 20% or chose to not train every single available minute alone on their bikes. The riders who come back from a training ride in the morning and don’t spend the next 2 hours washing, lubing and fine tuning the bicycle because their cat is sick, their dog has killed another pillow or their kid has got bronchitis.

Cycling is not our main priority and it will never be, because we made that decision – however, we love watching the TdF & the Cape Epic, we love getting up early for the few races we take part in, we can spend an hour deciding which floor pump to purchase. When we purchase a new bike, we spend weeks pondering and justifying as we know that our kid’s school fees are due – but once it is in our garage it fills us with pride and we can’t wait for the first opportunity to ride it, if the babysitter confirms her presence.



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